About FWM

Dear readers of Fashion Woman Media!

I’d like for us to get to know each other better, so on this page, I’ll tell you more about our magazine. My name is Yulia Akhlamova, and I’m the creator and the editor in chief of Fashion Woman Media.

Fashion magazine Fashion Woman Media (FWM) was conceived and created as an internet publication at the end of 2014. Even though we are still young, we have already gained regular readers, and more importantly, their number is growing each month. To us, this means that you enjoy reading our articles, and we are on the right track!

FWM is unique in a way that it focuses exceptionally on women’s fashion and trends in clothes, shoes, and accessories. “Fashion magazine for women with gusto” is the main philosophy of our publication. Our idea is to demystify, spell out and present to you in an exquisite and appetizing way the latest and upcoming trends, incredible designer creations from current collections, and hottest color combinations and must-haves.

“Spring-Summer fashion” and “Autumn-Winter fashion” columns are your online assistant in choosing your fashionable and stylish wardrobe. In our reviews of latest trends you’ll find advice on what and how to wear, what will be hot in the following seasons, and to which items in your wardrobe you should rather bid farewell.

As a rule, our reviews contain a variety of fashion looks and images, therefore, we introduced a small icon «Fashion HOT», which visually demonstrates the level of hotness. The more stars there are, the more in vogue is the trend.

One other thing we’d like to emphasize is that despite the fact that we focus on fashion, the key in our reviews is not the salience and fame of a brand or a designer, but the harmony and femininity of the fashion they create.

In the “Fashion Designers” column you will find our selection of the best designer collections of the upcoming seasons. These are editor’s picks and the choice is entirely subjective. You won’t always find famous brands; there will be designers that you possibly have never heard of, but whose collections are original and beautiful.

The choice and presentation of the materials in FWM is different from the other glossy magazines. The style and tone of the narrative are far from the familiar journalistic review; it’s light, vivid and close to a fashion blog, however, the schedule of issues, preparation of the reviews and general approach categorize us as an internet fashion magazine.

Be fashionable, stay with us, subscribe to our magazine and read us at any time!