Fashion Trends of Spring Summer 2017

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There was a real spring fever in social media last week. Even the gentiles prayed to God RA less zealously. I hope that everyone has already posted flowers with the first spring day wishes, updated the avatar and got thousands likes on it. So let us discuss what we will wear this Spring – Summer season. From our review you will learn about TOP fashion trends 2017.

Overlong sleeves and Maxi are fashion trends #1

One of the most significant trends of the coming 2018 is a maxi length. “Over long” is a word that will accompany fashion trends during a couple of years. We have reviewed it more detailed in a previous post. So you will find a lot of fashionable outfits in the cathegory “Spring Summer Fashion”


Adam Lippes

Over long trends concern not only maxi skirts and pants.


Acne, DKNY

Women’s shirts with over long sleeves that hide fingertips are very trendy.


Michael Kors


Diane Von Furstenberg, Monse


Y Project, Adeam

Maxi wide pants and over long skirt pants (culottes) are the hottest trend.


Martin Grant


Warm, Adeam


Elizabeth James

I would like to mention that off the shoulders and layered outfits remain in the list of fashion trends 2017.

Floral Art and Animal Prints are fashion trends #2

Naturally next to monochromatic outfits fashion will aspire to patterns and prints. Floral and animal prints are the most fashionable this spring. Flowers of any sizes, printed and applicated are certainaly the hit. They are incredible beauty this spring. You can enjoy them like the paintings in a museum for hours.


Luisa Beccaria


Carolina Herrera, Erdem


Stella Jean, Tory Burch




Talbot Runhof, Gary Graham


Marchesa Notte, Kate Spade

Big animal prints are among new fashion trends this spring. It doesn’t matter what animal you prefer. And no matter what animals you will choose. The main thins is that they are large (for perfectionists – the size of flamingos is 8-10 cm)


Giamba, Red Valentino


Stella Mc Cartney

While choosing what to wear note the TOP-3 fashion looks: baby-doll with a foolish smile for a instalook, romantic certainly with maxi skirt and floral prints and careless style with oversized and overlong clothes.


Fendi, Giambattista Valli, Chloe (from left to right)

Fashion colors of Spring / Summer 2017

I will definitely review them in details in one of the next posts. Now I will only accent that light pale blue and peach hues are very fashionable. Besides them are juicy bright colors such as Greenery. Panton called it the color of the year. And of course white is among the most fashionable colors 2017!


Mara Hoffman, Dondup


Mira Mikati, Delpozo

Have a spring mood and nice shopping days! We’ll return to fashion must-haves in the next post.



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