Anya Hindmarch designer collection autumn/winter 2017

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We’d like to acquaint you with the stunning Anya Hindmarch designer collection of autumn-winter 2017. Many of you, we believe, already have her on the list of your favorite designers. Anya Hindmarch is more famous for her designer bags, however, we were head-over-heels in love with her new collection within ten seconds! This is a perfect example of how a simple interest in a designer backpack can turn you into an avid fan of the brand ready to buy anything that has Hindmarch label on it.

pixelated coat and bag from anya hindmarch fall winter 2017 collection

The key line and the main influencer of the collection became the building blocks of digital design. Pixelation and colors are creatively infused in the collection to impart the spirit of the early stages of the digital world.

anya hindmarch pixelated white and maroon coats autumn winter 2017

In Anya’s words: “I’m fascinated with the debates surrounding digital design as ‘art’ so have started at the beginning, with early 8-bit graphics and pioneering arcade games. We’ve explored each design using innovative leatherwork techniques such as heat-fusing and leather marquetry. These ideas are brought to life on the runway in a show that explores the development of artificial consciousness and poses the question, do computers dream when they sleep?

anya hindmarch green pixelated coat from fall winter 2017

black coats with digital icons from anya hindmarch autumn winter 2017 collection

We could have stopped here, put a period and delivered to you a thousandth review about the pixelated collection by Anya Hindmarch. However, for the readers of the Fashion Woman Media, we’d like to shift the accents and show something that you can read between the lines, the details without which the rest of the design is lost.

fashion collection by anya hindmarch fall winter 2017

Check out these incredibly stylish oversized coats with shortened sleeves and fur trim available in the most fashionable shades of maroon, navy, grey and nude.

maroon, green and grey oversized coats by anya hindmarch fw 2017

bright stripes oversize coat by anya hindmarch aw2017

coat and bag from anya hindmarch aw2017 collection

anya hindmarch digital collection aw2017

nude and emerald coats with fur piping by anya hindmarch fw2017

anya hindmarch coats from fw2017 collection

Details that captivate from the first sight.

fasion collection aw2017 by anya hindmarch

nude and grey coats from anya hindmarch collection aw2017

details from anya hindmarch collection aw2017

blue coat with flowers and grey coat from anya hindmarch fw2017 collection

fur details from anya hindmarch aw2017 collection

anya hindmarch aw2017 collection coats with fur details

white coat with fur scarf from anya hindmarch fw2017 collection

anya hindmarch optical ornament coats in grey and white from aw2017 collection

Elongated vests are also oversized. We’ll take a chance here and give you a hint – anything that’s overlong is super hot in 2017 (maxi pants, and dresses and shirts with ultra long sleeves). We’ll give you more details about that in our future posts.

overlong coats anya hindmarch fw2017 fashion collection

anya hindmarch overlong vests aw2017 designer collection

Stay with us and open new creative designers, pay attention to details, and fall in love with beauty and talent!

Wishing you a great autumn!






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